Rocky Hill Physical Therapy, New Jersey

Rocky Hill is in the southeast corner of Somerset County in central New Jersey. Settled in 1701 and incorporated as a separate municipality in 1890, Rocky Hill has a rich history. Rocky Hill, New Jersey is a very old village. Located as its name suggests on a stone ledge, it was part of the lands belonging to the Unami, or “people down the river,” tribe of the Lenni Lenape Indians. In 1701, John Harrison was employed by the Governor and the Proprietors of East Jersey to take over title of all Indian lands in the province. In a deed obtained from Nowenock, the Indian chief, dated June 24, 1717, he is called “John Harrison of Rockie Hill.” He owned many areas of land, and started the first grist mills on the Millstone River. He served as a member of the Assembly from Somerset County, 1703 and 1707.