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Physical Therapist in NJ

ABC Physical Therapy

50 S. Bridge Street, Somerville, New Jersey.

Orthopedic rehabilitation, participating Physical Therapist, Massage, private rooms

In Network with most health insurance plans. Call 908-218-4244

Ann McCoy, Physical Therapist - License Number: 40QA00416600

Registered "In Network" Participating Physical Therapy Clinic with Private Rooms so you can relax and it's affordable and our physical therapy center has sports injury program, workers compensation, rehabilitation, geriatric, elderly, fallers rehabilitation physical therapy, gait, balance treatments.

We are not like a wide open gym, you will have privacy here while getting your relaxing physical therapy rehabilitation treatments and medical massage for your orthopaedic injuries or sport injury or left shoulder pain or fibromyalgia pain or left neck pain. Doctor, pain doctor, orthopedic doctor, podiatrist prescribed in network participating physical therapist, affordable.

Our physical therapist has electrical stimulation therapy, massage therapy, ultrasound therapy, manual therapy and moist heat.

We check on your physical therapy benefits and get your physical therapy visits authorized.

We also like to tell all of our physical therapy patients to always VERIFY your health care provider is In Network Participating with your health insurance plan. If your health care provider says they ACCEPT or will TAKE or will WORK WITH your health insurance that does NOT necessarily mean they PARTICIPATE with your health insurance plan and if they do NOT participate after you receive medical care from them they may BALANCE BILL you so always VERIFY that they are In Network PARTICIPATING with your health insurance plan. Also if you are told to go to a SURGERY CENTER also VERIFY that the surgery center is In Network PARTICIPATING with your health insurance plan and if your health insurance told you a health care provider you are going to see is participating with your plan then another health care provider goes to take care of you VERIFY that this health care provider is also in network participating with your health insurance plan. You will love our in network participating physical therapy center. Also your health care provider may be in network PARTICIPATING with your insurance plan One year then the next year they drop out of that insurance plan and now do NOT PARTICIPATE so if you went to that health care provider the following year VERIFY that they still participate with that plan, lots of plans let the health care provider give 90 days notice to terminate there contract with them so they might not be participating with your plan after the last time you saw them so ALWAYS verify that they are still in network PARTICIPATING with your insurance plan.

Best In Network physical therapy near Bridgewater NJ, Raritan NJ, Manville NJ, Branchburg NJ, Hillsborough NJ, Bound Brook NJ, Bedminster NJ, Piscataway NJ, Warren NJ, our physical therapy clinic is the In Network physical therapy and sports specialty clinic you need for your rehabilitation in Somerset County New Jersey. Lots of patients tell us we have the best physical therapists in Somerville NJ. If you need the best physical therapist in Bridgewater NJ ,Raritan NJ, Hillsborough NJ, Manville NJ, Branchburg NJ, Bound Brook NJ, our physical therapist in Somerville NJ can help you.

In Network orthopedic Physical Therapy for post surgery, sport injuries, spine pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, elbow pain, tennis elbow, wrist pain, hip pain, knee pain, foot pain, ankle pain, bunion pain, total knee and total hip replacement, fibromyalgia pain, sciatica.

Our sport physical therapy rehabilitation center can help with baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, running, sport injuries and rehabilitation training.

Our physical therapy center is simply the best physical therapy clinic in Somerset County NJ.

Our physical therapist is here to help you with our comprehensive physical therapy pain management treatments in Somerville NJ. You will love our orthopedic physical therapy, massage and sports specialty physical therapy clinic and we are close to Bridgewater NJ, Raritan NJ, Piscataway NJ.

ABC Physical Therapy Center is "In Network", which means we participate with most Health Insurance Policies, Workers Compensation Insurance and Motor Vehicle Insurance. Ann McCoy, Physical Therapist is a highly skilled physical therapist licensed by the New Jersey State Board of Physical Therapy. Our physical therapy center in NJ has electrical stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, moist heat therapy, massage and state of the art physical therapy equipment. You will love our physical therapy center for your chronic pain and left neck pain or right shoulder pain. Our physical therapy center also helps patients from, Edison NJ, Middlesex NJ, Piscataway NJ, Hillsborough New Jersey and surrounding area's of New Jersey

Our Duties & Objectives

To diagnose each patients dysfunctions by observing their movements, pain levels, listening to and understanding their concerns and individual expectations. To initiate a program of physical therapy rehabilitation treatments and inform each patient of the planned treatments and the results they can expect to achieve. Use medical massage therapy, exercises, hands-on therapy and stretching programs in conjunction with the latest physical therapy equipment and rehabilitation treatments, to alleviate pain and help increase mobility and strength and wellness.

Constantly monitor and evaluate each patients progress, modify and introduce new physical therapy rehab treatments and exercises as and when necessary or when the Doctor or Pain Doctor gives us a new prescription for physical therapy. Education also plays a big part in a patients recovery program which is why we always inform the patient and their families or carers exactly what to expect during the recovery program and how to cope in various situations. Our physical therapy clinic uses physical therapy pain management treatments. Let us help you with our comprehensive pain management physical therapy treatments. Our physical therapist is simply the best and if you need physical therapy in Bridgewater NJ, Hillsborough NJ, Raritan NJ, Somerville NJ, Manville NJ, Branchburg NJ, Middlesex NJ, Warren NJ our physical therapy center is here to help you if you have any kind of chronic pain or sports injury or fibromyalgia. Doctor, Chiropractor, orthopedic doctor, pain doctor, podiatrist prescribed in network participating physical therapy. You will love it at our physical therapy rehabilitation center and again we are minutes away from Bridgewater NJ, Hillsborough NJ, Branchburg NJ, Raritan NJ, Manville NJ and we think we have the best physical therapist in Somerset County New Jersey. You will love it here in your own private rooms while getting your relaxing physical therapy rehabilitation treatments for your chronic pain or injury or left neck pain or left shoulder pain.