Spine Pain Treatments

Ann McCoy, NJ Physical Therapist, participating with health insurance plans, in network, can help with Spine Pain. We have ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, moist heat therapy. Doctor, Pain Doctor, Chiropractor, Orthopedic Surgeoun, Podiatrist, prescribed physical therapy. See our web site www.abcpt.com We get patients from Raritan NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Somerville NJ, Basking Ridge NJ, Manville NJ, Bound Brook NJ and are close to the Surgery Center and hospital. We are close to local doctors and hospital. Let us help you with our comprehensive therapies. You will love our rehabilitation therapy.

Ann McCoy, physical therapist can help you with Spine pain and treatments. Call Us: (908) 218-4244 www.abcpt.com

ABC Physical Therapy has state of the art physical therapy equipment. Physical Therapist Ann McCoy has ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy and moist heat therapy, you will love it here. Call US Anytime: 908-218-4244. See our website www.abcpt.com

Pain Doctor, Orthopedic Doctor, Podiatrist, prescribed physical therapy.

ABC Physical Therapy Center is “In Network”, which means we participate with Health Insurance Policies, Workers Compensation Plans and Auto Company Insurance Networks.

For peace of mind we will contact your Insurance Company on your behalf to get authorization for your physical therapy treatment. You will also get your own private room and one-to-one treatment with Ann McCoy, PT. We have electrical stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, moist heat therapy and state of the art equipment. You will love it here.

Important Note

If a health care provider informs you that they ACCEPT your insurance, or will WORK with your insurance or they will TAKE your insurance, it does not automatically follow that they PARTICIPATE with your insurance. Any resulting fees could find you being “Balance Billed” and heavily out of pocket.

ABC Physical Therapy Center is In Network Participating so this situation will not arise when you visit us.

Very Important News- Please Read!

For example: You attend a health care provider who has informed you that they “accept”, “take” or “will work with” your Insurance Provider. It later transpires that they are not In Network Participating and you later receive their bill, for lets say $500.


You need to be extremely careful that this does not happen to you.

Categories of Health Care Providers or Same Day Surgery Center:

Doctor – Pain Doctor – Orthopaedic Doctor – Podiatrist – Physician – Psychiatrist – Physical Therapist – Urologist – Cardiologist -Pediatrician – Neurologist – Obstetrician – Oncologist – Nephrologist – Rheumatologist – Dermatologist – Endocrinologist – Gastrologist – Chiropractor – Surgery Center – Surgical Center – Bone Doctor.

Call us to receive expert Physical Therapy Treatment, safe in the knowledge that you will never be unwittingly “balance billed”.

ABC Physical Therapy – 50 South Bridge Street – Somerville. NJ 08876. CALL US ANY TIME on: 908 – 218 – 4244

William Medway – Proprietor and Manager – ABC Physical Therapy Center – I love to inform the public and help the injured, weak and naive! I believe in Freedom Of Speech. You will love our physical therapy clinic! Physical Therapist Ann McCoy can help with spine pain treatments and massage.