Advanced Pain Management

ABC Physical therapy has something to offer many different types of patients. With the advanced pain management techniques available to us thanks we can help you with pain like never before. Advanced physical therapy is available for those with advanced pain or recuperation issues or chronic pain like fibromyalgia pain. For those suffering from fibromyalgia, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain we have a number of unique methods to alleviate suffering. Whether you have right neck pain or left neck pain we can be of great service to you and yours. Don’t live with pain any longer. The right solutions for pain alleviation are available now. Those interested in non pharmacological pain management have come to the right place with our clinic. Drugs are problematic and usually the most ideal healing is done without the use of them. Make non pharmacological pain management a priority and you’re on the road to the most healthy healing. The leg pain children suffer from is often the most problematic and severe. Children have trouble staying inactive. They are meant to beb on the go. Our  physical therapists can work with children and adults to make them feel at ease with their condition and help them find healing solutions. Call us: 908-218-4244. See our website

Let us help you with our comprehensive therapies. ABC Physical Therapy Clinic is In Network Participating with health insurance plans so you can relax and get better knowing you went to a participating physical therapist.