Acute Neck Pain and Treatments

Acute neck pain indicates the immediate neck pain. Neck pain that just started. This type of pain comes on suddenly and it affects the ability to properly move your head in its proper range of motion.

One serious type of acute neck pain is whiplash- the sudden jarring motion of your head going backwards and forward. This often occurs with a rear end collision. Acute neck pain can also be the result of a fall, sleeping awkwardly, a trauma or even a fall. Often times when someone has just strained or irritated their neck in some way the pain is most severe. There usually is inflammation, immobility, and muscle tenderness. Often with acute neck pain, the muscles or ligaments are involved.

When the muscle can start to relax and the inflammation decreases the pain does as well. To help one get through the acute phase of neck pain the best helpers are often simply only using ice and resting.

Usually the acute phase of neck pain lasts for about 24hours. It is after this period lasts for about 24 hours. It is after this period that one can more easily start with a routine of specific stretches, exercises, and muscle work to get rid of the pain.

If this pain is not taken care of properly it can turn into a a chronic condition.


Most minor injuries to the ligaments, tendons and muscles in the neck usually heal with time (a couple of days or weeks) because these soft tissues have a good blood supply to bring the necessary nutrients and proteins for healing to take place. Nonsurgical care, such as ice and/or heat, medications, physical therapy, and/or chiropractic or osteopathic manipulations can help alleviate the painful condition while it is healing. Here at ABC Physical Therapy we take care of people suffering from these kind of problems.