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ABC Physical Therapy has Physical Therapist Ann McCoy who can help with massage & gets patients from Bridgewater, Somerville, Raritan NJ. ABC can help with fibromyalgia pain, chronic pain treatments. Do you need chronic pain relief? ABC Physical Therapy Clinic can help with massage therapy and chronic pain management.
Physical Therapist Ann McCoy can help with, sport injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, elbow pain, hand pain, wrist pain, hip pain, foot pain, ankle pain, back pain treatment, shoulder treatments, spine and back problems, rotator cuff treatments, disc problems, massage therapy, Orthopedic physical therapy, rehabilitation.

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NJ Physical Therapist Ann McCoy has ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy and moist heat therapy. You will love our physical therapy center, massage for your pain. We have Six private rooms so you can relax in private.
Each patient get’s there own Private Room so know One will be staring at you when you get hands on therapy.

ABC Physical Therapy Center is In Network, Participating with health insurance policies & workers compensation and auto policies. Most likely almost all of them, see the list below under Insurance Plans.

Also if you are injured at work, ABC Physical Therapy Center is an, In Network, Participating Provider with Workers Compensation Insurance plans. We handle all kinds of workplace injuries and also do work hardening programs again in your own PRIVATE ROOM.

ABC Physical Therapy Clinic will verify your insurance for you and get you authorized if needed, we do everything for you to make your visit to us a pleasant experience. We are here to help you with our comprehensive therapies and treatments.

Each patient get’s One-On-One care by the same physical therapist, Ann McCoy, NJ Physical Therapist so you will not have to constantly tell some other therapist your conditions and disorders and treatments and pain levels.

ABC Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Clinic, addresses your entire continuum of care including, prevention, treatment, and recovery. If your suffering from an athletic injury, chronic illness, work injury, auto injury, or age related injury or conditions or disorders, ABC Physical Therapy Clinic, provides the necessary services to help our patients live pain free lives and again you will have your own PRIVATE ROOM & we are In Network, participating with health insurance plans. You will love our Rehabilitation Center. We also love to inform the public to always “verify” there medical provider’s participate with there healh insurance policy.

Call Us 908-218-4244 ABC Physical Therapy, Clinic, Rehabilitation Center, you will love our massage therapy. See our website
At the ABC Physical Therapy Clinic in New Jersey, we specialize in the following treatments and procedures:
Physical Therapy Techniques – Rehabilitation – Rotator Cuff Therapy – Electrical Stimulation Therapy – Ultrasound Therapy – Massage Therapy – Neck Therapy – Back Therapy – Shoulder Therapy – Foot Therapy – Orthopaedics – Spine Therapy – Bunion Therapy – Pain Therapy – Sports Injuries Therapy.
We Treat The Following Conditions, Injuries and Related Problems:
Sprains, Strains – Orthopaedics – Sport Injuries – Low Back Pain – Whiplash Syndrome – Neck Pain – Spine Surgery – Disc Problems – Shoulder Pain – Fractures – Sciatica – Disc Surgery – Knee Surgery – Tendonitis – Osteoarthritis – Ankle Pain – Total Joint Replacement – Hip Pain – Rotator Cuff Problems – Football Injuries – Golfing Injuries – Basketball Injuries – Hockey Injuries – Baseball Injuries – Basketball Injuries – Bowling Injuries – Cycling Injuries – Field Hocky Injuries – Lacrosse Injuries – Soccer Injuries – Hockey Injures – Softball Injuries – Swimming Injuries – Tennis Injuries – Volleyball Injuries – Wrestling Injuries – Horseback Riding Injuries – Work Related Injuries – Motor Vehicle Accidents – Headaches – Prenatal and Postpartum Conditions – Fibromyalgia – Tendonitis – Overuse and Repetitive Strain Injuries – Arthritic Pain – TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) – Scoliosis – Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) – Spinal Surgery – Cervical Spine Surgery – Spine Fusion Surgery – Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery – Discectomy – Bone Problems – Disc Replacement Surgery – Osteoporosis – Joint Replacement – Special Needs – Paediatric Problems and Muscle Conditions – Rotator Cuff Tears.
We have you covered from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
NJ Physical Therapist, Ann McCoy will help you with our comprehensive range of therapies and treatments and we get patients from Raritan NJ, Somerset County NJ.
William Medway, Manager, Owner and Ann McCoy, Physical Therapist, Call Us: 908-218-4244 Fax 908-218-4233 ABC Physical Therapy Somerville – NJ. Website: