Balance specialist – Somerville NJ – Bridgewater NJ

Balance gait therapy center

Balance gait therapy center

If balance is a problem we get patients from Bridgewater NJ, Somerville NJ and our physical therapist can help with our dizziness, gait and balance therapy program and Osteoarthritis and our physical therapist is in network participating with health insurance plans.

Our physical therapist can help with our balance, dizziness, gait therapy program and Doctors in Bridgewater NJ, Somerville NJ refer patients to us to help them with balance therapy.

Our balance therapy center can help and we have private rooms, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy and moist heat and great balance physical therapy equipment and we are close to Bridgewater NJ and located in Somerville NJ near the post office in Somerville NJ.

Also if you have fallen and fall often because of a balance issue our physical therapist who is minutes away from Bridgewater NJ can help with our advanced balance gait program.

Let us help you with our balance gait physical therapy program in Somerville NJ, Somerset County New Jersey.

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You will love it at our balance gait physical therapy center in NJ.