Chronic Foot Pain and Heel Pain

Do you have chronic foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, bunion pain? ABC Physical Therapy has the treatment you need and we get patients from Hillsborough, Raritan, Bridgewater, NJ and surrounding area’s of Somerset County New Jersey. Physical Therapist Ann McCoy has the treatments you need for chronic foot pain and conditions and massage therapy.

ABC Physical Therapy Clinic has the treatment for chronic foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, bunion pain, running injury, plantar fascitis, ligament repair, achilles tendon repairs, ankle fracture, ankle tendonitis, foot tendonitis, morton’s neuroma, foot fracture, balance disorders, ankle replacement, toe pain, leg pain, treatments.

Do you have a running injury or achilles injury, do you need foot & ankle rehabilitation, did you twist your ankle, do you have plantar fascitis or a sprained ankle or strained ankle? ABC Physical Therapy Center can help you and we are In Network, Participating with health insurance plans so you can get better and relax knowing you went to a In Network, Participating, physical therapy clinic.

Physical Therapist Ann McCoy has ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, moist heat therapy.

You will love ABC Physical Therapy. We have Six private rooms and you will receive one on one treatment in your own private room so you can relax and get better knowing you went to an in network, participating physical therapy clinic. NJ Physical Therapist Ann McCoy is here to help you with our comprehensive therapies.

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