Affordable & effective physical therapy in Somerville NJ

If you need physical therapy our physical therapy center in Somerville NJ can help you with advanced physical therapy useing non pharmacological pain managment treatments, massage. Our physical therapist is in network participating with health insurance plans and has Five private rooms, we are not like a wide open gym you will have privacy here. If you have left neck pain, cerivcal pain, shoulder pain, back pain our advanced physical therapy treatments in Somerville NJ can really help you. Our physical therapist uses moist heat and physical therapy pain management treatments to help with your chronic pain or fibromyalgia pain or weaknesses. Physical therapy can be a challenge to those in pain. At ABC Physical Therapy in Somerville NJ our physical therapist will do an initial evaluation and inform you of your progress as you have therapy. Our physical therapy center has state of the art physical therapy equipment and you will enjoy your therapy in your own private room. You will be given exercise techniques as well as hot or cold packs applied to your injury to help increase blood flow to promote healing. Our physical therapist also has electrical stimulation therapy and ultrasound therapy.

Doctor, Orthopedic Doctor, Podiatrist, Pain Doctor prescribed physical therapy in Somerville New Jersey.

Choosing a physical therapist in Somerville NJ can be a difficult process but at ABC Physical therapy in Somerville NJ you will have a private room and we are in network participating with health insurance plans and moist heat, you will love it here. Call us: 908-218-4244. See our website we look forward to helping you with our comprehensive non pharmacological pain management treatments in Somerville NJ.