Physical Therapy Raritan NJ – Bridgewater NJ – Manville NJ – Somerville NJ

If you need physical therapy in Raritan NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Manville NJ, Somerville NJ our physical therapist is in network participating with most health insurance plans and has private rooms, ultrasound therapy, massage, electrical stimulation therapy and moist heat and can help with pain. Our physical therapy center is minutes away from Raritan NJ, Bridgewater […]

Rocky Hill Physical Therapy, New Jersey

Rocky Hill is in the southeast corner of Somerset County in central New Jersey. Settled in 1701 and incorporated as a separate municipality in 1890, Rocky Hill has a rich history. Rocky Hill, New Jersey is a very old village. Located as its name suggests on a stone ledge, it was part of the lands belonging to the Unami, or “people down the river,” tribe of the